United Teams-United Netball Club

2019 ONLINE REGISTRATION goes live on Wednesday 30 January 2019

Teams for the new Mullane Youth Division (U14-17) to be played at Charlestown
at 10am every Saturday during the Winter Competition. 
Teams have been jointly sponsored by United Netball Club and Central Charlestown Netball Club.

UC Vipers - Coach Lauren Mcllveen
Reynah Barnard
Kayla Barrett
Ashlyn Brady
Ellen Chenery
Kayla Dougherty
Hayley O'Brien
Ruby Sharpe
Ally Smith 
Isabella Thwaites
Kloe Young

UC Jukes - Coach Mandy Phelps
Zara Cassin
Taleah Dodd
Maggie Greentree
Shelley Hill
Lily Kirkwood
Elise Kneller
Paris Ma'anaima
Abbey Morgan
Caitlin Rogers
Ella Ross



All players will be placed into teams following the United Netball Grading Day on 24/02/2019.

Grading times will be advised via Facebook once registrations are completed.

The grading process is carried out by the Club and independent graders.

United Netball supports the development of individual players at their own level.  Therefore, careful consideration of team formations is given based on individual player's ability and court positions. 

Coaches will then contact team members to organise training days.


If you are interested in coaching any teams that are yet to have a coach allocated to them, please let us know via 
email at info@united.com.au or call Mandy Phelps-Ross on 0414 608 548


NetSetGo program is designed for 5-9 year olds, to introduce them to the basics of netball and team sport.

The rules are modified and games are played but in a non competitive environment. The players experience all positions of the game in a rotation so that they maximise their involvement in the game.

All our NetSetGo coaches are trained which includes a program from Netball NSW which helps to deliver quality coaching across this age group.

It is a fun way to introduce your child to the basics of netball and be involved in a team in a nurturing environment.

If you have any questions please email (info@unitednetball.com.au) or call Mandy Phelps-Ross on 0414 608 548

Players cannot train or play until their fees are paid in full, as they are not covered by insurance. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us in writing via the contact form accessible through our home page.

Wishing everyone a fun and successful year.